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Home page Fermenting crock pot - 15l
Fermenting crock pot - 15l
  • Fermenting crock pot - 15l

Fermenting crock pot - 15l

Reference: 1915S1915P/SP-ZM/1
Price: $ 54.07 tax incl.
Diameter (cm): 35,5
Height (cm): 43,5
Weight (kg): 1,5
Capacity (l): 15,0

Description of decoration Pots


Fermenting crock pots with airtight seal is intended to store food for long term survival in an ecological environment without adding preservatives.

How to use the pots and store preserved foods

By placing a lid onto the water-filled flange of the pot air is prevented from entering inside the pot. Vegetables in the pot undergo the process of fermentation, releasing carbon dioxide which gradually displaces the air completely. In this way, anaerobic atmosphere is created inside the pot. Preserves maturing in these unique conditions acquire an unforgettable flavour.

With the help of a stone weight the vegetables are kept below the surface of the juice filling the pot. Adding water in the flange lets to create an airtight seal.

In addition, to reduce water evaporation from the flange, you may add a few drops of vegetable oil to the water so that it will not need replenishment as frequently.