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Tea set
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  • Tea set
  • Tea set
  • Tea set
  • Tea set
  • Tea set

Tea set

Reference: ZH3/D-1083/1
Price: $ 168.73 tax incl.
Description of decoration Sets


The tea set is included:

6 x cup with saucer (product code: 775836)
6 x plate (product code: 814)
1 x kettle with lid (product code: 943)
1 x sugar bowl with lid (product code: 944)
1 x milker (product code: 945)
dough plate - 24,5 cm by 2,5 cm (product code: 524)
a spoon (product code: 1739)
heater (product code: 1361)

Since each product is hand-painted is unique, minor differences in decoration between the products within one decoration are allowed.