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Salad bowl heart
  • Salad bowl heart
  • Salad bowl heart
  • Salad bowl heart

Salad bowl heart -d-1208

Reference: 860A/D-1208/1
Price: $ 10.36 tax incl.
Diameter (cm): 15,8
Height (cm): 5,8
Weight (kg): 0,36
Capacity (l): 0,40

Description of decoration Decoration D-1208

Decoration belongs to the group of classic decorations. It is made with stamps and a brush, and is an underglaze decoration.


The heart-shaped salad bowl with a grooved bottom is designed for baking and heating dishes, as well as serving: salads, salads, sauces and other additives.

Salad dishes can be washed in dishwashers and used in microwaves. All the dishes produced by our company do not contain harmful substances.

Due to the fact that each product is painted by hand, it is unique, slight differences in decorating between individual products are allowed under one decoration.