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Egg Plate
  • Egg Plate
  • Egg Plate
  • Egg Plate

Egg Plate -art-149

Reference: 1559/ART-149/1
Price: $ 34.64 tax incl.
Diameter (cm): 24,00
Height (cm): 6,0
Weight (kg): 0,80

Description of decoration Decoration ART. 149

Decoration ART. 149 belongs to the group of artistic decorations. It is made with stamps and a brush, in ten colours with cobalt chloride and is an underglaze decoration.


Egg Plate - breakfast tableware used for serving boiled eggs. Ceramic tableware is dishwasher safe, can be used in microwave ovens and in fridges for storing food.

We also manufacture bowls with handles and footed bowls that are used mainly for serving fruit.

With a broad assortment of tableware offered by Zakłady Ceramiczne “BOLESŁAWIEC”, pottery lovers are able to collect a complete set for serving breakfast, dinner, coffee or tea. All-day sets include the following dishes: cups, mugs, teapots, jugs, plates, small plates, bowls, dessert cups and dessert bowls as well as decorative items, such as flower pots, clocks and figurines. Bolesławiec stoneware is also used for manufacturing kitchen accessories, such as bread boxes, containers, cutting boards, spoons, as well as bathroom accessories, including washbasins and toilet utensils.